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  • The Beekeeper that Conquered the World

    In 1953 a beekeeper ascended to the top of the world. Standing at over 29,000ft, the world's highest mountain posed a fearsome challenge and had already claimed thirteen lives in previous expeditions.  The ascent of Everest was considered the last of Earth's great challenges.

  • The Cycle of Courtesy

    The coaches and I have been speaking in the classes this month about Courtesy, “treating others with kindness and respect”. In teaching & talking about courtesy with our students over the last several years, I’ve found that there are two major pieces that are important to understand. The Cycle of Courtesy, and the Ripple effect.  The Cycle of Courtesy As with any character trait, courtesy begins with me.

  • The Unstoppable Force of Failure

    Failure is an unstoppable force. When you make a mistake or fall short, your failures tend to hang over your head and bear down on you. But if you allow your failure to do this, it puts a limit on how successful you can be.

  • A Champion's Courtesy

    There is no better place to see the values of courtesy and respect at work than in the martial arts. A great venue to test the true character of a man is when you put him head-to-head against a similarly skilled opponent. Stress, fear, fatigue, pain, and excitement all work to break down the character of a fighter when they enter the ring, cage, or mat.

  • StriKing Muay Thai Championships

    Wow!  What a weekend.  So much great things to about that it’s hard to decide where to start.  The Pride Mixed Martial Arts Fight Team had six fighters enter the StriKing National Muay Thai Championships.  Three of our fighters won the title: Kenna Chamlee, Kannon Manis, and Jack Manis. Two of our fighters made their debut this weekend.  Even though they didn’t win, they showed courage and perseverance.  Lauren Nixon fought a much bigger, stronger, and more experien...

  • Expiration Date

    “Everyone has an expiration date.”  This is a term I have used for years describing students, employees, friends, and acquaintances that come and go. As a martial arts instructor, I realize that most of my students will leave at some point.  Some move away.  Some find other passions or interests.  Others have life challenges that interfere with their training.  Whatever the reason, everyone has an expiration date. What keeps me up at night is the thought, that I haven’t ...

  • Where's your mind

    Are you reading this article on your phone right now? Most of you probably are! If not, I'm sure it is right next to you, if you are anything like me.

  • Respect Starts with Me

    The most common complaint I hear from people on a daily basis is that they don't get enough respect. This is especially common among people who are in a leadership position! Either they are not taken seriously, or they aren't being shown the attentiveness they deserve.

  • The White Belt Mindset

    We talk about having a black belt mindset, but having a white belt mindset is a good thing too. I love white belts. They are so eager to learn, so eager to get started.

  • The Dream Killers: Fear and Self Doubt Pt. 1

    I once heard a speaker say, “The price for failure is greater than the price of success.”.  That phrase has stuck with me for many years.  It got me thinking about why do so many people chose to pay the price of failure. What stops one person from taking action and becoming successful and what helps the other person dominate their field?  The answer is mindset.  Mindset is are the ideas and attitudes with which a person approaches a situation. Over the years of teaching, trai...

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