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    Our Creed

    Two years ago I was tasked with a challenge.  Our school was using a creed that someone else wrote.  The creed was great.  It had power behind it, but it wasn’t mine.  A mentor in the martial arts challenged me to write my own creed.  He explained it would better reflect my beliefs and mission I have for my students. After two years of researching, soul searching, and studying the creeds of other great organizations, I finally was able to write a creed that best reflects...  Read More...

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    Let Them Struggle

    I have had the privilege of teaching martial arts for nearly twenty years. In those two decades, many of the children I have taught and continue to teach have special needs. Some of my students are blind, deaf, missing arms or legs.   Read More...

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    What Did You Say?

    During this time of year, most of us take time to reflect upon where we are in life.  We compare ourselves to our friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc...and most of the time we are not satisfied with the results.  The contentment we are looking for seems so elusive, in it’s place are frustration, anger, doubt, worry, and fear.Good or bad we, live the life we deserve.   Read More...