Thought Control

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Thought Control

Self-Control is one of those character qualities that on paper, sounds like it would be easy. "Just do the right thing!" But as anyone would tell you, it's not quite that easy.  Bad decisions are often very easy to make, and can devastate the people that they affect.

Every action we take begins as a thought in our heads. By nature of our human body, we cannot simply act without thinking.

A quote that I have heard repeated very often, from many different sources, goes like this: "Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions."

As a child, I had a hard time showing restraint when it came to what I said.  My parents and teachers repeatedly told me to think before i spoke. But the problem wasn't that I wouldn't think about my words. It was that I thought about them too much.

When you allow yourself to entertain a certain thought for too long, that thought becomes a reality. I would think about saying something that I thought was funny, and work it up so much in my mind that I couldn't wait to say it. And when I finally did, I didn't realize that it was inappropriate or offensive until it was too late.

Keep a close eye on the thoughts you choose to entertain, because the more you keep them in your head, the more likely they are to come out. And when they do, they can be embarrassing, offensive, or even destructive.

Don't wait until you do something you will regret: solve the problem at its roots. Analyze your thoughts before they become your actions.