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  • The Voice of Experience

    Self control is such an important quality/skill for us to develop in our kids, but I think it may well be one of the most difficult things to teach, as most of us struggle with it as adults, and it is taught mostly through our actions.  We are models for self control (or the lack of it) for our children every day whether we like it or not.  They carefully watch our actions, hear all of our words,  see how we cope with stress, anger, hunger, etc.  If you look back at the last ...  Read More...

  • Thought Control

    Self-Control is one of those character qualities that on paper, sounds like it would be easy. "Just do the right thing!" But as anyone would tell you, it's not quite that easy.  Bad decisions are often very easy to make, and can devastate the people that they affect.   Read More...