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    G3: Goal Setting for 2018 pt 2

    Now that you have your Goals from G1.The second part of the G3 process is developing your Gameplan or plan of action.  A goal without an action plan is doomed to fail.Research is paramount in developing an effective plan of action.  Do your homework.   Read More...

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    G3: Goal Setting for 2018 pt 1

    Goal setting, when done correctly, is a powerful process that allows you choose the course and destination of your life.In my early years as a teacher and coach, I struggled with my student’s and athlete’s ability (or inability) to set and achieve their goals.  So, I researched..studied...and got some help from those that knew better than I.That’s how I came up with G3.  It stands for GOAL - GAMEPLAN - GO FOR ITI know it’s super-cheesy..but it’s simple, di...  Read More...

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    What Martial Arts is NOT

       Everyone knows that failure can halt your progress, but if you allow it to, success can keep you just as stagnant. What does it mean to be a martial artist? Ask five different experts and they will tell you five different things.   Read More...